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Hi, there! I'm Jaclyn, founder and creator of The Reconnect Methodâ„¢. My passion has always been about children and making their world a brighter place. In my mission, I discovered I was looking in all the wrong places when it came to creating lasting and positive change for kids. I realized that in order to create the change I wanted to see, I needed to start focusing on supporting parents. You see, parents are the center of the family unit. They make the world go round every day. So, why are so many parenting coaches focused on analyzing children's reactions rather than inspiring parents to be change agents in their own households? 

My framework for supporting parents is all about self-discovery and realizing how addressing your own needs as a parent will transform the results you see with your kids. You can't be expected to do it alone, and you're not alone anymore! Start here. Then, book a strategy call with me to learn how you can make these changes in your own life


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